Welcome on the website of the FQMHR

« The Fédération Québécoise des Motos Hors Route’s mission is to promote and develop off-road motorcycle activities by coaching them and to represent trails clubs, associative clubs and recreational parks users along with the government, the industry and the population.»


FQMHR detailed and concrete objectives

  • Encourage, promote, coach and develop the activities of off-road motorcycling;
  • Assist in the formation and development of clubs and parks in the process of registration or incorporation;
  • Acting as a representative entity to the government and industry for off-road vehicle users;
  • Encouraging the practice of off-road vehicle in a secure and organized way
  • Promoting, through exhibitions, demonstrations and publicity campaigns, off-road vehicle activity and practice
  • Establish and maintain a cooperation, unity and camaraderie spirit among members;
  • Promoting the creation and implementation of statutes and regulations regarding the control and regulation of the off-road vehicle practice;
  • Encourage off-road vehicles users through coaching to drive their vehicle in a safe way, with skill, prudence and respect for the environment and provide the necessary tools to get all these elements of care and skill;
  • Promoting the off-road motorcycle tourism in Québec