There are more than 10 000 km of federated trails in Quebec accessible to off-road motorcycles, and in 10 regions, so why not enjoy it! When you purchase your FQMHR access pass for the price of 120$ valid in Quebec from May 1st to November 30th, you have access to well-maintained trails, adequate signage, and you get an enjoyable and safe ride on your off-road motorcycle. In addition, your purchase is a contribution for the FQMHR affiliated clubs who work hard consistently in the development of the trails. Get your pass and live the adventure!

To ride on federated trails, your off-road motorcycle must be an enduro or dual-sport bike.

The trails are ruled by the Off-Highway Vehicle Act. That means that no off-highway vehicle shall be operated without the following regulatory equipment:

- one white head light;
- one red tail-light;
- one red stop light at the rear;
- one rear-view mirror firmly attached to the left side of the vehicle;
- an exhaust system;
- a braking system;
- a speedometer;
- the license plate firmly fix on the rear tail of the motorcycle;
- a civil liability insurance contract in an amount not less than 500 000$
- a valid driver’s license
- be at least 18 years and for the 16-17 years old hold a certificate of competence